New Eaton program will show MSPs that they are VIPs

Sep 15, 2022

When it comes to meeting the needs of channel partners, Eaton understands that one size doesn’t fit all. The type of support desired by IT resellers, for instance, varies significantly from what managed service providers (MSPs) find most beneficial.

Eaton’s PowerAdvantage Partner program is a game-changer for Managed Service Providers, providing education, support, marketing and deal registration.

Expanding the definition of “partner”

Yet because the PowerAdvantage program was originally developed with the IT VAR in mind, many of its key rewards – such as deal registration and MDF – are clearly more advantageous to the partners selling large IT solutions comprised of hardware, software and installation/configuration services. Since MSPs are instead focused on managing these IT solutions after they have been deployed, the program has historically offered little to fulfill this particular channel segment. But that’s about to change.

In November, Eaton will formally unveil a new program under the PowerAdvantage umbrella specifically tailored to the needs of MSPs. The cornerstones of the initiative – formulated around the strategic benefits identified and requested by our MSPs – will include Growth Incentive Rebates; a dedicated supply of demo units; unlimited access to our top tier technical support; and comprehensive training on how to cross-sell and detect opportunities across the wide portfolio of Eaton solutions.

MSP-specific advantages

By extending this unique new package, Eaton sets itself apart by providing MSPs with a full portfolio of solutions in both the Power and Connectivity categories, while simultaneously enabling MSPs to benefit from a broad scope of rewards.

Although many channel partners straddle the line – maintaining both IT sales and MSP-type practices– we’ve noticed that a growing number of smaller partners are now moving toward a model of being an exclusive MSP. Furthermore, while most MSPs still resell hardware products, it is typically on a transactional basis, providing ad-hoc solutions when customers face an issue.

Added value shows MSPs their value to Eaton

To further address the fact that the MSP model is centered around recurring revenues from monthly subscriptions and priced by the number of IT assets under contract, Eaton is proud to provide MSPs even more value through the Eaton plug-in for ConnectWise. While the RMM platform is critical in enabling MSPs to keep track of the number of active assets being managed and a core functionality to their monthly billing activities, the plug-in allows MSPs to see all events on a single screen. In addition, MSPs who partner with Eaton have access to industry-leading remote monitoring solutions such as Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) for automated monitoring and protection and PredictPulse, an Eaton-hosted cloud remote managed service.

Recognizing the key differences between MSPs and IT VARs is what sets Eaton’s partner program apart from competitors. The ever-evolving PowerAdvantage program, combined with the breadth and depth of our solutions offering, gives MSPs a valuable edge in the Power and Connectivity marketplace. Look for more information on in the coming months, on the exciting new MSP program!

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