Plug in to the benefits of industry-leading surge suppression

Jul 17, 2024

By KarenAnn Brow, Product Line Manager, Peripherals, Eaton

As summer continues to heat up ― magnifying your customers’ risk for potentially damaging increases in voltage ― we’ve got the ideal solution to help you enjoy a surge in both sales and customer satisfaction: Eaton Tripp Lite Series surge protection devices.

Over 20 million customers chose the Isobar surge suppressor to protect their expensive computers and home electronics from lightning, voltage spikes and line noise.

A wide range of solutions

With more than 200 surge protection models from which to choose, our products are designed to meet the needs of virtually any application, from safeguarding equipment in home and office environments to protecting devices in critical industrial, network and healthcare applications. Adding our industry-leading surge protection to your other power protection sales will help bolster your customers’ level of protection ― while simultaneously boosting your revenue.

We recognize that channel partners have many brands of surge suppression from which to choose, and on the surface, they might seem similar. Yet there’s a reason Eaton boasts the largest market share in the industry: more than double that of our nearest competitor. We combine solid engineering and proven reliability into our surge devices, all of which undergo rigorous quality control and independent testing to ensure they meet or exceed the latest safety and performance standards. This commitment to quality allows us to back our products with industry-leading warranties and responsive customer service.

Unmatched surge suppression ratings

With the highest UL-verified surge suppression ratings in their class, Eaton Tripp Lite surge protectors represent the best defense against AC voltage surges and spikes, which can destroy valuable equipment in a single incident or build up damage over time. Our surge protectors also help prevent EMI/RFI line noise from interfering with equipment performance.

In fact, the superiority of our product line was too much for our closest surge suppression contender; the manufacturer recently exited the surge business altogether due to their inability to achieve enough market share to grow their business. Although Eaton already holds an estimated 45% to 51% of the segment, our goal is to harness more than 55% over the next two years.

A no-brainer for customers

Our vast lineup of price-competitive, user-friendly, flexible and aesthetically pleasing surge protection devices make it a no-brainer for customers to seamlessly transition to the Eaton product portfolio. To make it easy for channel partners to support this endeavor and match end users to the optimal model, we’ve even developed a convenient competitor cross reference tool.

Eaton's Isobar® line, for example, exemplifies the gold standard in surge protection, with more than 20 million units sold worldwide. Offering robust EMI/RFI protection, data line protection, USB charging, metal casing, auto shut-off and other key features, the Isobar line is available with up to 12 outlets in a variety of form factors and cord lengths.

Enhancing our surge protection line

Being the clear market leader doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels; in fact, Eaton has plans to further enhance the breadth and depth of our surge protection line. In the coming months, we’ll be adding USBC to many existing products, as well as USBC ports on several new models in the queue. For much faster charging capabilities, several models will include PD, in addition to the C ports.

Are you ready to plug in to the extensive benefits and sales opportunities afforded by Eaton’s Tripp Lite Series of surge protectors?

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