A 3P Modular UPS spells profitability for partners

Imagine the ability to access a single product that could increase your margins by more than 140 percent (yes, you read that correctly!) – and simultaneously lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your customers. For PowerAdvantage partners, this scenario isn’t a fantasy! The opportunity is a welcome reality, thanks to the Eaton BladeUPS.

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The Eaton BladeUPS is a three-phase, scalable and modular UPS for high density computing environments, including virtualized or machine learning IT applications.

If this sounds too good to be true, consider how the BladeUPS manages to achieve all of these advantages. Representing the optimal three-phase UPS sales option, the unit’s higher list price translates to more margin for partners right off the bat, while additional lucrative revenue is made possible through ongoing battery and power module upgrades. End users, meanwhile, reap the value of significantly lower TCO, making the solution a huge win-win.

Lower TCO vs. Traditional UPS

Here’s how it all works: When comparing the overall cost between a traditional three-phase UPS and a 36kW BladeUPS, the modular UPS plus a future capacity upgrade will ring up at $40,950 over a five-year period, compared to $54,500 with a monolithic UPS – a savings of $13,550. Even if the customer chooses not to bolster capacity, the BladeUPS still lowers TCO by 10 percent over five years, representing a savings of more than $2,500.

End users achieve this impressive TCO through the BladeUPS’s simple installation. A natural solution for growing power in the rack, the preconfigured system slashes initial installation costs by 50 percent, in large part due to reduced billable hours for contractor and electricians. Add to that the material savings from decreased wire and conduit requirements, as well as less unboxing and waste removal. In addition, battery refreshes and capacity upgrades also ring in at a significantly lower cost for customers compared to a non-modular UPS.

Recurring Revenue Opportunities

While lower TCO saves money and bolsters satisfaction for your customers, the BladeUPS’s higher list price combined with lower installation costs leaves resellers to retain the biggest share of the upfront sale. Even more, the solution sets the stage for you to cash in on additional lucrative revenue over the lifetime of the product through ongoing battery and power module upgrades. In addition, thanks once again to the unit’s modularity, you can perform and therefore charge for upgrades and replacements when you typically don’t have access to these services when selling a traditional three-phase UPS.

Smaller Footprint, Quicker Installation

Improved margins and lower TCO aren’t the only benefits to making the BladeUPS your go-to solution for three-phase UPS customers. The unit also preserves valuable floor space while enabling power and IT to be included in a single rack. Furthermore, customers benefit from minimized installation time and effort, as well as the fact that preconfigured BladeUPS systems ship with just a six-day lead time.

There has never before been a product capable of Increasing your margins by 140 percent and facilitating a wealth of advantages for your customers. Incorporate the BladeUPS into your sales strategy today.

Incorporate the BladeUPS into your sales strategy today!

Learn more at Eaton.com/BladeUPS

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