5 reasons to love the Eaton Nutanix partnership

The old adage, ‘what you see isn’t always what you get,’ is proving to be especially sage advice across today’s IT landscape. Case in point: while many power protection manufacturers are displaying a Nutanix Ready logo on their products, their claims only go so far. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that Eaton delivers far more — and in the areas where it matters most, such as software and cybersecurity. Here are five reasons why Eaton provides a far superior solution for Nutanix customers:

Together, Nutanix and Eaton deliver end-to-end solutions for your IT environment regardless of application.

1. Nutanix AHV Ready validation.

As the first global company to complete Nutanix AHV Ready verification testing in power management, Eaton solutions offer the optimal approach to ensure power remains up and running for entire Nutanix environments during extended outages.

2. IPM integration.

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software integrates with Nutanix AHV to perform orderly, sequential shutdown of the Nutanix delivery infrastructure during power related events, preserving data integrity. Through its integration with VMware, IPM can even initiate virtual machine migration and disaster recovery site failover during an extended power outage to ensure the data integrity of Nutanix hyperconverged systems. When power returns, IPM also enables graceful rebooting of equipment. IPM also enables Nutanix customers to monitor and control their entire power infrastructure, with the ability to extend runtime and shut down equipment when needed.

3. Heightened availability.

The Eaton/Nutanix partnership bolsters high availability by providing protection for maximum Nutanix scale-out capability. Other key benefits of the joint solution include direct hypervisor integration, which decreases implementation time and simplifies deployment; and automated remediation based on power conditions for reduced risk and enhanced business continuity.

4. Cybersecurity.

As the first UPS connectivity device to meet the UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard, the new Eaton Gigabit Network Card delivers unparalleled security. Nutanix customers can ensure their networked UPSs are protected with the market’s only cybersecure card, which provides additional layers of security with stronger encryption, configurable passwords and usage of certificate-based authentication. Beyond the security upgrade, the Gigabit Network Card offers many additional enhancements including speed, improved performance and cost-effectiveness.

5. Market leaders stick together.

Just as Nutanix has cemented its spot as a leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure solutions market, Eaton has earned the same reputation in the power protection industry. This partnership — uniting leading-edge, top-notch manufacturers in their respective fields — makes it possible to deliver complete solutions that provide consumers with the assurance that their critical equipment will remain up and running regardless of the power environment. Even more, Eaton was the first UPS vendor to join Nutanix’s technical alliance program — a partnership that began in 2015, long before other UPS vendors even recognized Nutanix.

When considering the optimal power protection solution to pair with Nutanix equipment, it is essential to read between the lines of competitive claims.

The differentiators that only Eaton can offer are designed to ensure continuous uptime and ultimate protection for the Nutanix environment, making it an exceptional solution that delivers on its promises.

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