Two is better than one: unification combines individual strengths of Eaton, Tripp Lite

May 19, 2022

While the old adage “opposites attract” is most often applied to relationships, the popular proverb underscores the merger between Eaton and Tripp Lite, as well. The fusing of the two companies’ starkly different business models and channel strategies has resulted in a highly complementary union – and channel partners are about to see firsthand how combining forces has made for an even stronger organization.

Small world, big opportunity.

Partner relations: two sides of a coin

Historically, as Eaton focused primarily on large enterprise and major IT customers, the company strived to generate awareness of its products and solutions, while building trust and credibility in the brand. This strategy was highlighted by a variety of endeavors, from establishing a strong network of field partner development and territory development managers to cultivating integrations with leading IT platforms like VMware vCenter, Nutanix AHV, HPE OneView and more. By fostering loyalty with partners through the PowerAdvantage program – highlighted by key benefits such as deal registration to ensure price protection for resellers – Eaton made it a top priority to provide partner support.

Meanwhile, Tripp Lite deployed a strategy focused on serving the needs of more transactional customers who already knew which type of product to buy. This SKU-focused approach led to an unassisted sales experience driven by highly targeted search engine optimization (SEO) and product pages designed to sell, with direct links to channel partner websites to buy now.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Now combined under a single organization, the successful elements of each company’s channel structures are being preserved to provide additional leverage. Tripp Lite’s transactional sales model will be strengthened by adding select Eaton SKUs, while Tripp Lite products that complement Eaton’s core offering – including racks, cooling, PDUs and KVM switches – will be added to the Eaton Deal Registration program.

More benefits for all

Even more, the PowerAdvantage program is being extended not only with additional Tripp Lite products, but with lucrative new benefits. For example, now through the end of the year, Eaton is giving resellers an easy way to create recurring revenue while helping their customers reduce operational expenses, improve speed and reliability, and mitigate risk through DCIM and predictive analytics software. When you include Eaton’s VPM or VCOM in your hardware quotes, you can access stackable rebates for a discount of up to 35%. Reduce the cost of monitoring and managing newly acquired and existing distributed power infrastructure while building in more value-add for your customers.

As the merger between Eaton and Tripp Lite continues to unfold, the union of these two market-leading organizations proves that two is better than one – especially when opposites attract!

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