Eaton strives to help resellers succeed amid changing times

Few can argue that learning to adapt to the “new normal” has been one of 2020’s most predominant struggles. Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen this challenge play out in virtually every facet of our daily lives, from how we interact with customers and employees to how we shop for groceries. Because the IT channel is no exception, Eaton recognized the need to modify our offering and messaging to help PowerAdvantage partners better navigate this evolving season.

At Eaton, we’ve always looked far beyond the present moment, and to help our partners adapt to the foreseeable future, we’ve created an innovative new package of programs that tap into previously overlooked areas.

X-Factor: a win-win for partners and customers

Rather than simply ignore present circumstances or wish everything would magically return to 2019 status, we instead created X-Factor, an innovative new package of programs designed to help resellers compete and succeed in the foreseeable future. Comprised of three distinct components – OpeXMaXimize and EXtend – the endeavor addresses some of the greatest pain points of customers and partners alike.

OpeX - Improve cash flow through recurring revenue

Because the economic downturn has forced most organizations to rethink their cash flow strategies, many resellers previously focused on selling large enterprise deployments have seen their projects delayed or cancelled. Eaton’s Opex Program tackles this obstacle by creating a safety net for customers who are understandably wary about making new investments. By offering annual and multi-year subscriptions to Eaton IPM, VPM and PredictPulse power management software, as well as warranty extensions, partners can now transform an upfront sale into a recurring revenue stream over a three- or five-year term. The option for customers to convert a CAPEX investment into OPEX has already proven to be effective for resellers, as they can provide an efficient approach to close sales with companies strained by budget reductions. Even more, software solutions that enable remote monitoring have been especially sought after by businesses during these changing times, with an ever-increasing number of IT pros unable to physically access their sites.

MaXimize - Earn bonuses through bundled sales

The second aspect of the program, MaXimize, enables Authorized- and Certified-level PowerAdvantage partners to cash in on additional revenue opportunities when they sell from two or more product groups – UPSs; batteries; accessories; software; and PDU/racks/ATS. Through the end of the year, resellers who close sales in multiple categories will receive additional bonuses of up to $200 each month. Eaton developed this strategy to help partners recognize often-overlooked areas where they can boost revenue while simultaneously addressing clients’ changing needs. The eligible products represent an ideal solution to many customers’ pandemic-inspired desire to extend the life of their existing equipment, rather than purchase new. For example, partners can upgrade a client’s cybersecurity with the Eaton Gigabit Network Management Card or replace batteries to extend the life of their existing UPSs.

EXtend offers interest-free, 90-day payments

Through the third component of the X-Factor program, EXtend, Eaton has responded to the No. 1 request from our partners: longer interest-free financing terms of up to 90 days that can be leveraged directly through distribution. Eaton resellers who have established credit lines with DLL or Wells Fargo can lengthen payment terms to help with long-range planning and easily revise 2020 budgets thanks to net-90-day, interest-free payments through the end of the year.

During these uncertain times when it is impossible to reliably predict the future, the trio of X-Factor programs represent Eaton’s commitment to continue to adapt. While we are all collectively hoping for a return to business-as-usual, you can rest assured that we won’t be standing idly by waiting for that to happen. At Eaton, our focus will always remain on the best ways to address changing customer requirements while responding to the needs of our partners. Adaptation has become the “new normal.”

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