Eaton tweaks power protection ‘treatment plan’ during pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, health experts have been quick to warn that when life ultimately gets back to normal, it very likely will be an entirely new ‘normal.’ Not only has the crisis forced us to rethink simple social customs such as a handshake greeting or how close we stand next to one another in the grocery checkout line, it has also sparked new – and often positive – ways to conduct business.

Technology enables connecting from afar

Eaton wants you and your customers to stay in touch from afar.

Amid stay-at-home mandates issued across dozens of states, scores of Americans have leveraged technology to successfully transform their living spaces into personal offices. From television reporters broadcasting from their basements to salespeople closing deals in their pajamas, the transition is prompting organizations and employees alike to consider continuing some form of a work-from-home model once the crisis has passed. Many companies are reassessing whether they really need the overhead of so much office space or the expense of cross-country travel for meetings. Meanwhile, personnel have been pondering the logic behind so many wasted hours of daily commute time when they can be equally ─ if not more ─ efficient working from home.  

Just 10 years ago, the prospect of so many employees telecommuting effectively would have been significantly more difficult. But as new technologies have facilitated seamless video conferencing, online meetings and screen sharing capabilities, people across the globe are now able to connect instantly. The ability to see and hear one another can be achieved in just a couple of clicks. In many cases, the addition of the visual element to an audial conversation has enhanced engagement and immersion, which in turn has improved the overall discussion. For some, the only drawback has been remembering to comb their hair and remove their jammies before firing up their webcams.

Eaton technology enables monitoring from afar

Throughout this evolution, Eaton has remained committed to helping customers navigate the new norm, whether through ensuring product availability or creating flexible payment options. One of the caveats to the success of telecommuting is a company’s ability to provide employees with reliable, remote access to IT systems, which explains why we’ve seen a surge in the sale of managed power distribution units (PDUs). PDUs enable companies to remotely switch devices on and off, reset switches or servers, and perform other key tasks without having to set foot inside of an office building. Even though you can’t physically enter the location, you can still access the systems required to get the job done.

Subscription models ease financial burdens

Additionally, a valuable development that may not have otherwise materialized apart from the stay-at-home mandate is Eaton’s newly introduced subscription model. Initially introduced two months ago with our new VPM essential software to remotely monitor and manage power devices, the subscription was also just announced for our Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software. While working with a nationwide grocery chain that was seeking a solution for the automation of critical remediation tasks in case of power events, Eaton restructured IPM’s licensing fees after the health crisis left the company with insufficient CAPEX. Rather than requiring the full payment upfront, Eaton spread the expense over five years through the creation of a subscription model. Going forward, the IPM subscription represents a great way for resellers to win new projects and move toward the recurring revenue generation model that is becoming the new normal for MSPs and many solution providers. 

While the future remains uncertain – and organizations struggle to adapt to changes caused by the pandemic – you can rest assured that Eaton continues to find new ways to provide solutions.

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