Why the award-winning Eaton 5P Lithium-ion UPS should be your resolution for 2020

By the time the iconic ball dropped in Times Square to usher in 2020, millions of people worldwide had pledged the (ever-obligatory) New Year’s resolution. If IT professionals are like most vow-setters, their decrees revolved around a desire to save time and money, as well as focus more on the things that are important (spoiler alert: power isn’t one of them). In fact, a recent Ipsos public opinion survey of 2,011 Americans revealed that more than half of respondents are determined to enhance their financial situation in 2020, while nearly 40 percent wish to bolster mental well-being and reduce stress. (Eating healthier foods also ranked as a top priority.)

Eaton's 5P lithium-ion UPS is named CRN's 2019 Overall Product of the Year and a 2019 Tech Innovator Awards winner.

CRN 2019 Overall Product of the Year

While resellers may not be able to help customers incorporate broccoli and kale into their diets, you can contribute to their other top resolutions this year — and offering the award-winning Eaton® 5P lithium-ion UPS is an ideal place to start. Combining the latest battery technology with a "set it and forget it" value proposition, the 5P allows IT professionals to kill two resolutions with one stone — saving money while freeing them up to concentrate on more important matters.

But don’t just take our word for it. CRN Magazine recently selected the 5P lithium-ion UPS as the 2019 Overall Product of the Year in the Power Management Software and Tools category. The prestigious award was bestowed upon the 5P UPS after editors selected five finalists in 22 different product categories. Solution providers then rated each on a variety of factors, including quality and reliability, richness of features and functionality, technical innovation, and compatibility and ease of integration. The ability to drive new revenue, provide healthy margins, meet market and customer demands, and create new customer relationships or improve existing ones were additional considerations. And, the 5P UPS also took home a CRN 2019 Tech Innovator Award. The company named the 5P the power management category winner!

New peaks of power

The Eaton 5P lithium-ion UPS delivers in all areas. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of growing distributed IT and edge computing environments, the unit’s lithium-ion technology provides two to three times longer service life than lead acid batteries, eliminating the cost and hassle of battery replacement. Even more, the UPS features an on-board battery management system that delivers insight into charge cycles, battery performance, temperature monitoring and overall state of health — enabling users to stay better informed of their UPS battery's lifecycle. Meanwhile, an optional Gigabit network card that is compliant with UL 2900-2-2 standards provides enhanced cyber protection and uptime. Currently the only 1U lithium-ion unit above 1 kVA offered by major UPS manufacturers, the 5P is also among the lightest. When a rack is not available, the UPS can be mounted flush against a wall with the included hardware, making it a great option for a retrofit or in closets with limited space.

A resolution that pays: recurring revenue

And if saving money topped your own resolution list this year, then we have more good news: the 5P UPS is eligible for deal registration in the Eaton Power Advantage Partner program. Furthermore, while the unit’s lithium-ion batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the UPS, resellers can benefit from recurring revenue when the UPS is paired with Eaton’s power monitoring as a service.

The sparklers and noise makers may have been put away for another year, but for both resellers and end users, the Eaton 5P lithium-ion UPS represents a resolution worth keeping.

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