Staying competitive amid a changing business landscape

Eaton is ready with cloud-dependent software, services

They say change is good. But what’s even better is the ability to positively adapt to fluctuating circumstances, especially when those alterations impact critical business processes.

Eaton is doing just that in 2018; transitioning from a leader in UPS and PDU hardware to a top name in software and services. As the demand for power hardware has been steadily dropping – driven in large part by a shift from workloads being housed locally to instead residing in the cloud – organizations are relying much more on software and service solutions.

Eaton offers IPM, VPM and VCOM software products

Eaton software continues to improve, attract users

In response to this change, Eaton has been expanding and enhancing its software offering, which includes Intelligent Power Manager, Visual Power Manager (VPM), and Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM). Eaton’s PredictPulse predictive maintenance analytics service also promises to be a key player in the evolving landscape.

The first edition of VPM debuted in late 2016 as an easy-to-use, comprehensive power monitoring software that saves time and simplifies day-to-day monitoring of IT environments. Enabling administrators to monitor and manage UPS and PDU devices from Eaton and other manufacturers, VPM was designed primarily for use by IT providers and departments managing hundreds to thousands of power quality devices.

This year: VPM tailored for SMBs

Now, to better address the needs of smaller businesses, Eaton is preparing to launch a cloud-based VPM version aimed specifically at the SMB market. Due toward the middle of the year, the new offering will provide native integration with managed services software from Tampa, FL-based ConnectWise. Also gaining momentum is VCOM, Eaton’s data center system optimization (DCSO) platform. With intuitive remote monitoring and management, the software provides valuable information to help data center operators make better business decisions. The platform features capabilities designed to reduce operational expenses, improve system and application reliability, and mitigate risk through data analysis.

As a further acknowledgement of transitioning times – and requests from partners – Eaton is also preparing to offer subscription-priced editions of VPM and VCOM, both of which are currently sold only as up front licenses. That rollout is expected within the next couple of months.

PredictPulse reshaping power monitoring game

Rounding out Eaton's increased efforts to help businesses keep a constant pulse on their IT infrastructure and power management equipment is more widespread adoption anticipated for its PredictPulse service. The next-level monitoring and management service for infrastructure management collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing Eaton with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on behalf of an organization. Furthermore, PredictPulse Insight adds predictive analytics, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model. The first cloud-based analytics service with the capability to predict the failure of power components, PredictPulse provides real-time status information, time savings and ultimate peace of mind that your entire power infrastructure always has a second set of eyes on it.

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