IPM Integration: Meeting Your Needs Before They Arise

The perennially shifting wheel of technology makes it imperative for organizations to choose their IT equipment providers wisely. At Eaton, we are committed to anticipating where the market is headed and always looking toward the next wave of IT advancements — a pledge that is underscored by constant improvements we have made to Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software over the years. Most recently, in an effort to meet the needs of customers seeking greater IT automation capabilities, Eaton took a pioneering step in offering IPM integration with the Docker container platform and Kubernetes container orchestration solution.

Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software provides the tools needed to monitor and manage power devices in your physical or virtual environment.

A Vision for the Future

Widely considered the future of container technology, Kubernetes is being tapped to replace all middleware stacks, the OS and most of the virtualization layer. When containerization first emerged as an innovative solution for companies wishing to deploy applications and manage investments in cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures, Eaton was already diligently working behind the scenes to provide integration. The result of this effort was unveiled last October with the release of a beta version of IPM featuring Docker and Kubernetes integration capabilities.

Fast forward to today, and we now see container technologies being widely adopted across the market. Because Eaton took a visionary stance and began working on integration before the solutions became mainstream, IPM is already fully functional with both Docker and Kubernetes.

Through this integration, users of Docker and Kubernetes can leverage the power management capabilities of IPM to protect and manage their investments in containerization. The integrated solution allows data center and IT professionals to automate remote graceful shutdown of container-based infrastructure in response to unplanned power events, protecting mission-critical data and enhancing business continuity.

Innovation Begins Yesterday

IPM’s integration with Dockers and Kubernetes further validates Eaton’s commitment to creating innovative technologies that help our customers on their journey toward hybrid IT. Eaton provides the automation solutions to address an organization’s power problems, allowing IT personnel to focus on more critical tasks.

Furthermore, IPM integration with container solutions represents another opportunity for Eaton channel partners to drive recurring revenue. Partners have the ability to not only provide their customers with a complete power management strategy, but the assurance that IPM will continue to meet their unique application needs as they further transition to cloud and hybrid infrastructures — and beyond.

When selecting Eaton, you can rest assured we will have the appropriate solutions that customers need today and well into the future.  

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