Leverage Eaton Alliances for a win-win sales strategy

Eaton understands that our partners are continually seeking competitive advantages to help bolster business, increase profitability and offer more value to customers. An ideal — and easy — way to capitalize on all three objectives is to leverage Eaton’s alliances with leading IT providers.

Strength in numbers will improve your numbers

Eaton’s collaboration with a growing network of technology partners provides resellers with unique, validated and vertically integrated solutions to offer to customers. Even better, the majority of these alliances are with organizations that you and your customers likely have established relationships with, including VMware, Dell EMC, NetApp, Microsoft, HPE, Nutanix and Lenovo.

Our strategic partnerships help you provide the ultimate power management solution

Assimilating Eaton products with partner infrastructure solutions creates exceptional value for joint customers. For instance, incorporating Eaton Intelligent Power Manager™ (IPM) software into their product offerings provides end users with a host of advantages, such as enhanced business continuity, improved performance of core products, savings of time and money, and reduced risk through remote power management capabilities. Even more, these technical integrations enable you to seamlessly bring power to the table when discussing potential IT solutions with your clients. The result is a win-win — you help customers manage power more efficiently while also increasing the size of your deal by attaching Eaton hardware, software and services.

Enhance your customers’ trust

The level of technical integration achieved through these alliances — in which major connections to APIs allow users to see direct connection and communication with management systems — is the result of extensive testing and validation between Eaton and various partners. Consider, for example, the collaboration between IPM software and VMware’s vCenter Server™ virtualization management solution, which enables users to manage power to virtualized environments through the vCenter web client and dashboard. This easy-to-set-up solution gives customers a complete view of power devices from the vCenter dashboard they’re already using.

Prior to certifying this integration, VMware performed extensive testing to ensure that IPM not only monitors the entire power infrastructure in a user’s network from their existing VMware dashboard, but also enables automated actions to alleviate power issues. Similar testing occurs for every alliance we create; Cisco, HPE, Nutanix and others also put Eaton solutions through tremendous rigor to ensure compatibility and seamless integration between products. Following this process, products are endorsed with validation logos, which represent assurance of compatibility, trust and credibility to customers — and further bolster your sales potential.

We’ve already set the table—time to dig in!

Eaton’s objective is to provide our partners with the keys to easily leverage power opportunities. To that end, we’ve developed a wide variety of Eaton sales and marketing collateral specifically for our alliance solutions, including reference architectures, solution briefs, videos and white papers. Take advantage of this win-win opportunity to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction and protection. 

Familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date list of Eaton Alliance partners and then let the power conversations begin!

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