Wish you could buy some time? Eaton Care delivers — for free!

If you’re like most resellers — struggling to keep pace amid today’s ever-changing business landscape — you can probably relate to the wise words of late business magnate Steve Jobs when he said: “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Indeed, the 1,440 minutes that comprise a day rarely afford the opportunity to check every item off of your extensive “to do” list. Since you can’t buy time (but just imagine the margins on that commodity!), finding ways to save it is the next best option. Eaton understands that the support — or lack thereof — available from manufacturers can dramatically impact your busy schedule. That’s why we are proud to provide a highly trained team to assist our channel partners: Eaton Care, a one-stop shop for all pre-sale technical needs, including configuration assistance.

Eaton Care assistance is available through phone, email or chat - help is just a click away!

Who among us hasn’t wasted precious hours stymied by a vendor’s online configuration tool? Too often, these devices are overly sophisticated, making them difficult to use. Frequently they aren’t kept up to date, so you may encounter obsolete products while failing to find new models. Then there’s the challenge of finding time (yes, time!) to receive training on the tool. Perhaps most frustrating to resellers is that configurators routinely fail to take into account the specific needs of your customer. As amazing as the Internet may be, in some instances, it simply can’t take the place of a living, breathing person.

That sentiment was recently validated by resellers at Techno Planet’s 2017 Channel Manager Summit. When asked what they need to build stronger partnerships with vendors, resellers placed access to experienced and qualified channel representatives at the top of the list.

The Eaton Care team provides just that, with pre-sale support that includes technical assistance, Bill-of-Material (BOM) creation, pricing/quoting, product selection, cross referencing, software demonstrations, and complex spec reviews. The team is comprised of application, sales configuration and account engineers who support resellers via email, chat and phone.  

From locating one-off documentation and drawing requests to reviewing customers’ specifications to engaging in conference calls with end users, the team averages more than 1,500 phone calls, 190 chats and 28,000 emails per month. Engineers work diligently to provide complete solutions and quotes to resellers. In addition, they help channel partners navigate the greater Eaton waters, connecting them with solutions from the company’s numerous independent divisions so they may better serve their customers.  

Eaton understands that your customers are increasingly looking to purchase more than just an assortment of products; they want a solution. However, it can be especially challenging for resellers to configure the precise combination in which UPSs, racks, PDUs, power management software and related services seamlessly work together. Because each customer application can be unique in nature, the opportunity to speak with an engineer for assistance and to review the project can be priceless.

While the Eaton Care services save treasured time for resellers, ultimately, the team’s value has a cascading effect. Released from the struggle of having to figure everything out on your own, partners can refocus their efforts on generating more sales with end users, which bolsters profits. The ability to rely on a trained professional rather than an online tool also helps resellers avoid risk and increase business value. The best part is that all of these advantages are just a phone call away.

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