Don't Settle for a Participation Trophy.

Dominating the field just got easier, thanks to Eaton.

Are your customers struggling to move their IT game downfield, with fewer players to carry the ball? We know a duck who can relate.

Even when IT resources are fixed, demands on service and performance don’t let up. IT professionals are always expected to do more with less money, time and physical space. That’s why Eaton solutions are disrupting the markets by helping businesses increase efficiency and simplify power management through integration and scalability. If your customers dream of closing the distance to the end zone, Eaton can help get them there, yard by yard.

Santa Clara, CA on January 7, 2019 at 8pm

Countdown to game time

Score sweet prizes between now and November 30!

Champion Sales Deserve Championship Prizes!

The 9PXM is your winning edge!

Data center and network infrastructure comprise the powerhouse defense of every IT team. Eaton is at the front line of this market by uniquely organizing, protecting and managing critical IT efficiently. The Eaton 9PXM tower/rackmount modular UPS calls the plays for scalable, modular backup power solutions that combine the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership in the 4–20 kVA range. Placing the 9PXM in your starting lineup enables you to build a power solution that meets your customers' needs. With the 9PXM, you're already in the Red Zone!

Three ways to score!

  1. 20-Yard Line: Register the most deals that include the 9PXM during the month of September, October or November and win an NFL or NCAA replica jersey of your choice. (Limit two per partner.)
  2. 10-Yard Line: Sell the most 9PXMs during the months of September, October or November and win one Yeti Tundra 45 cooler per month (worth $300 each)
  3. Goal Line: The partner with the most revenue (minimum $500k) for the calendar year of 2018 gets 2 tickets to the NCAA championship game in Santa Clara, CA on January 7, 2019.

Pep talk’s over—now get out there and win!

Need more details? Download the official contest flyer for additional rules and information. You can also download the 9PXM product flyer to prep for your winning sales drive! And check out the 9PXM Special Pricing offer - you can earn a 25% non-stackable discount on 9PXM UPS and parts when included in a deal registration with a minumum of $10,000 list. Download the flyer for details.

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Want to help deliver a winning season? Check out the new 9PXM UPS from Eaton: