PowerAdvantage Partner Program
Whoa! The bar has definitely been raised!
@*!%!* Eaton is forcing me to change my evil plans!
Adapt or die. You should trust me on this one!

Visit the Devil Duck's lair to see how Eaton products can help your customers achieve world domination!

World domination made easier, thanks to Eaton.

Are your customers struggling to achieve more with less, with visions of taking over the world? We know a duck who can relate. Click to view more on how to help your customers achieve world domination with the latest products from Eaton.

Begin World Domination!

As a PowerAdvantage Partner, we help you build a more efficient and rewarding power management practice.

There may be other partner programs out there - but you won't find one that's more rewarding. That's because we see things from a unique perspective: yours. We know your customers look to you to help them keep their businesses up and running and designing the right solution for the right application. So we've created a program that provides the elements you need, with the support you want and the rewards you deserve.

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Save More Time

  • Pre-defined reference architecture and on-demand engineering resources
  • Avoid having solution architects racking and stacking
  • In-depth power expertise simplifies quoting even complex configurations

Make More Money

  • Capability to sell complete solutions and service offerings
  • Achieve higher margins through solution selling approach
  • Being “the total package” gives you an edge on the competition

Reduce Risk

  • Diversify your offering and decrease risk for your business
  • Develop a consistent revenue stream built on service offerings
  • Product management products give you an industry-leading advantage