Scalable UPS with scalable rewards!

The 9PXM UPS is Eaton’s new scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership in the 4–20 kVA range. Eaton’s new 9PXM can grow as power needs increase, while thickening your wallet as well. With the introduction of the 9PXM UPS’s, you have a persuasive edge to convince owners of the 9170 to switch to the 9PXM or refresh their old competitor units. And think of all the new customers! But what’s in it for you?

For the next three months, you can double and triple your rewards on sales of these products. Any 9PXM preconfigured or configured-to-order part number that starts with 9PXM8 or 9PXM12 is eligible. Watch your rewards scale as your customers do the same:

  • Sell 1-2 units and earn $100 for each unit sold
  • Sell 3-4 units and earn $200 for each unit sold
  • Sell 5-25 units and earn $300 for each unit sold

Payouts will be made through the Eaton Rewards program. The maximum quarterly Rewards payout of $10,000 still applies. Rewards program is open to Authorized and Certified partners only. Maximum triple rewards payout shall not exceed 25 units. The balance will be paid out at $100 each, as long as you don’t exceed the quarterly Rewards cap. Login to the PowerAdvantage portal for additional information on the Eaton Rewards program.

It’s spring – there’s green everywhere!

Eaton’s new sales contest is as simple as it sounds, but for all the details, qualifying dates and eligibility, be sure to read the flyer thoroughly.

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Triple rewards are yours for the picking!

Eaton is prepared to put a spring in your sales! And it's much easier when you're selling something truly unique that solves real problems, like Eaton's new scalable UPS's. These new products don't quite sell themselves, but if they did, you wouldn't get the credit–or the cash!

How many units have you sold today?

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